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Living on the Edge ... With Bleeds

What is a bleed?

Bleed is the portion of the print that will be trimmed off when the printed piece is being cut to final size.

Why do we need all these rules?

In print, we have variables involved. Printing can "wiggle" a little or trimming can slip ever so slightly. If we don't carry our elements out past the point that we want to trim, or keep our content safely away from the edge, things can start to look pretty sloppy and none of us want that!

Follow these simple steps to ensure your prints look the way you envisioned them.

Please note: Each gutter between the boxes in the images below represents 1/8"

Business Card Example

Bleed Zone

Background and other elements that you wish to have flush with the edge of your finished piece should be extended to the edge of the black box.

Business Card Cutting Edge

Trim Zone

The magenta line represents a cutting tolerance. This will allow for a little "wiggle" or shift in the print without endangering your content of being cut into.

Business Card Safe Text

Safe Zone

All critical elements that you do not wish to be cut into must be kept inside the green line.